How to deal with aluminum plate after rusting

 The surface of the aluminum plate is prone to rust due to improper storage or corrosion of corrosive materials. How to properly handle the rusted aluminum plate?

First of all,You just use sandpaper to polish the surface rust gently if the aluminum plate is not very rusty.

The second way is to use professional acid or alkaline syrup to remove the rust on the surface of the aluminum plate, such as hydrochloric acid, acetic acid,alkaline solutions such as calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide and so on.

However, the “rust” of the aluminum plate is an aluminum oxide protective film on the surface, which can protect the inside of the aluminum plate from oxidation (“rusting”). Therefore,Do not remove the surface rust layer (oxidation layer) of the aluminum plate when there is no specific requirement.

The advantages of aluminum plate rust:

The rust from aluminum and aluminum will cling to its surface to protect the internal aluminum from rust by preventing oxygen from continuing to drill into the interior of the aluminum.This layer of rust becomes a protective film for aluminum and aluminum products. Scientific name is”Alumina”. Alumina has a characteristic that it is wiped off and a new layer of alumina will soon be formed to continue the protection.


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